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The following seminars are currently available through MARTIN SEMINARS:

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Assertiveness Skills - How to Make Your Point Without Making an Enemy

Do you avoid saying what's on your mind because you're afraid how the other person will respond? Are you intimidated by the high-pressure tactics some people use?  Or are you just the opposite: do people accuse you of being too direct or harsh?

This seminar will show you how to make your point without attacking someone in the process. You'll also walk away with the comfortable feeling that results from knowing, deep inside, that acting assertively is best not just for you but everyone around you as well.


Become a Great First-Time Supervisor
Were you great at doing your job but now find that supervising other people is "a whole new ball game?"  How can you get your staff to take the same pride in their work that you do?  You put all your time and effort into motivating your staff but how is your work going to get done?  Who will pick you up when you're down?

After attending this seminar, you'll have the tools you need to help your staff to feel their working with you and not for you.  You'll be able to streamline your management process so your workers will be more inclined to work independently.  You'll also walk away with tools which will help you to better manage your relationship with your own boss (imagine being allowed to manage your way instead of his or her way!).


How to Cope with Life's Stressors
"It seems the last break I got was when I was hired.  Some days I'm not sure if that was a good, or bad, break."  Do you feel as if the pressure you face will just never let up?  Do you put up any of the following on a regular basis: Insomnia, poor digestion, headaches, muscle aches, chronic colds and flu, depression or anxiety?  Do you feel isolated from family or friends?

First of all you're not alone.   Approximately 75% of workers indicate they feel stress on the job.  The good news is, after this seminar, you won't have to experience any of the above due to stress again.  After this one day, you'll come away with the tools you need to remain calm and relaxed while in the midst of stressful situations.  What's more, you'll be able to share what you learn with the people you care about so they'll enjoy the same sense of peace and "centered-ness" you'll have mastered.


How to Critique & Discipline Employees for Growth
Do you have employees who don't meet deadlines?   Have a bad attitude?  Disrupt others?  Refuse to learn new skills?   Employees you just can't seem to get a "handle" on?

We'll show you how to recognize the cause of your difficult employee's behavior (as opposed to the symptoms listed above).  You'll learn how to gain your employee's commitment to their improvement plan and how to document so there'll be no chance for a misunderstanding.  After this session, you'll turn your "weakest link" into your strongest team player.


How to Develop Exceptional Customer Service Reps
Sometimes it's hard to find good people you can trust to deal with your customers.  That's why smart companies have learned you need to develop the people you have rather than hoping great people will apply for your customer service positions.

Your customer service reps. will feel valued when you provide this seminar for them.  They'll learn great skills that will make their lives less stressful as they learn how to defuse even the most difficult complaints and angry customers.  They'll learn how to outperform you competitors and feel good about providing superior service.   After this one day of training, you'll be left with a team of winners that will make you proud.


How to Develop Innovative Business Thinking
Is your team stuck in a rut?  Are you surrounded by "resisters" who would rather moan, "We've always done it this way" instead of providing fresh, creative ways to defeat obstacles?  Is your organization one of the many who confuse innovation with optimization?

This is a seminar that will help you and your group do more than come up with tired clichés like, "Think outside the box."  You'll learn how to defeat the most common barriers to innovation and discover a flexible problem-solving process which can be applied to nearly any obstacle.  You'll even learn how to communicate your ideas in convincing ways that help to ensure others will listen.


How to Excel at Communications
Successful professionals don't just communicate to survive, their superior communication skills allow them to thrive!  Have you known people who just seem to "shine" when dealing with others?  Other people just seem to want to give them everything they want...and they love doing it.

Learn how to communicate with style and panache like the pro's!  Get your point across with confidence the first time without needing to repeat yourself.   Eliminate mixed messages and misunderstandings while causing others to feel heard and valued.  You'll be able to present yourself as a polished professional able to create rapid rapport with nearly everyone after this one-day seminar.


How to Form Teams Instead of Just Talking Teamwork
"Our people just don't work together like they should."  "You should see the looks I get every time I mention the word, 'team'!"  Do you experience more conflict than cooperation in your workplace?

We'll show you and your group how to build trust and dedication within your unit.  Your "team" will learn how to be self-directing and will learn how to constructively discipline their own members when necessary.  After this seminar, your group will get more done in less time with fewer conflicts and have a more enjoyable time in the process.


How to Get More Done So You Can Enjoy Life Again
Do you come into the office early, stay late, and work weekends?  Do you spend so much time in meetings or putting out fires that you don't have enough time for your important work?

In just one day, we'll show you how to get more done each day with less stress.  You'll learn how to greatly reduce interruptions throughout your workday so you can get more done.  You'll also discover effective techniques to reduce clutter and to get your paperwork under control once and for all.  It's time you became a mean, clean producing machine!


How to Handle Difficult People Tactfully & Skillfully
Only a small percentage of all the people we face on a daily basis are truly difficult.  The problem is they cause us more than 50% of our headaches!  How much easier would your life be if you could just learn how to deal with those few people more successfully?

Spend one day with us and you'll learn how to keep other people from "tripping your triggers."  You'll also learn how to remain cool and graceful when dealing with even the most aggressive or demanding people.  You'll discover how great it feels to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've learned many techniques for creating rapport and remaining at your best even when others are at their worst.


How to Handle Workplace Negativity
Are you surrounded by whiners, complainers and other professional victims?  Do your people respond automatically with "No" or "We can't because..." or just plain silence?  Some days it seems like those negative people can infect everyone they come into contact with.

In just one day you'll learn how to get chronically negative people to work on solving their own problems instead of shooting down your solutions.  You'll discover tactics to stop rumors, "catastrophizing," and behind-the-back griping.   You'll even learn how to apply these same tactics to allow you to stay up and resourceful when it seems everyone else is down.


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How to Speak with Confidence
Mental Development for Peak Performance
Mental Flexibility for Creative Thinking
Microsoft Office - An Introduction
Negotiation Tactics
Power Reading for Professionals
Prepare & Deliver Effective Presentations
Are you filled with dread when asked to deliver a presentation?  Do you suspect you may not be covering all of your bases when organizing and preparing your talk?  Perhaps, like other people, you fear the many unexpected events that can (and do) happen during a prepared presentation.

Come join us and walk away with the tools you need to organize, prepare and deliver memorable presentations that achieve results.  Learn how to present to educate, persuade, and inspire.  Learn how to “speak on your feet” with ease to deal with the unexpected.  Discover how to channel your presentation anxiety into contagious energy that will impact your audience!

Project Management
Strategies for Productive Meetings
Supervising Employees for the 21st Century