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How to Cope
with Life's Stressors

For those who are bothered, frustrated,
and just plain stressed out!

Does your workplace demand high performance?   Do you feel as if you're constantly stretched to the limit?  Do you find yourself getting "worked up" over small things like traffic, innocent comments, and changing priorities?

Do you worry more than you want to?  Feel anxious?

The stress you're feeling can be significantly eased!

You need this seminar if you need to:

  • Avoid peaks and valleys in productivity
  • Balance urgent demand of work and family
  • Get more satisfaction from life
  • Have better health
  • Minimize needless worry & anxiety

Many seminars focus on what to do when you encounter a stressful event but by then it's too late.  We'll show you how to easily handle even the most stressful situations by building coping skills you can use during any stressful event.

You'll see why investing a little time and money now will make the rest of your work and personal life easier and more enjoyable.  You're like most of the other professionals who know you can't take care of others until you first take care of yourself!

Your day will be filled with practical "how-to's" you can use immediately to reduce the dread and worry you may be feeling now.  You'll find that while you can't control all the events you encounter, you can influence how you feel.

These other companies feel it's important to invest in their employees.  We feel certain you will too!

American Express
Best Western
Blue Cross
KB Home
Lockheed Martin
United State Air Force
Sony Computer Entertainment
Sony Electronics
Time Warner Cable

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Here is some of what you'll learn:

  • Identify the sources of your stress
  • How to assess your short- and long-term priorities for clearer thinking
  • How to break the "stress cycle"
  • Identify 3 types of stress and how to cope with each of them
  • Recognize the early warning signals of burnout before you suffer harm
  • How to balance career and family
  • How to modify expectations to reduce stress
  • Communication pitfalls that perpetuate stress
  • How to avoid irritating listening habits that you thought were helpful
  • Develop coping strategies to "short circuit" stressful situations
  • How to perform "financial first aid" to get your fiscal house in order
  • Develop an anti-stress regiment to become mentally tough
  • How basic communication styles can actually cause stress
  • Learn to minimize or eliminate common, daily stressors
  • How to remain creative and flexible when responding to change
  • How to build mutually supportive relationships
  • Effective relaxation techniques you can use to cool down and buy time to step back from stressful situations
Stress Basics

Stress types, symptoms & responses

Problem Solving

Deal directly with, not avoid, problems


Honestly share thoughts and feelings to promote mutual understanding


Connect more deeply with others in your environment


Become more open and able to respond to change


Improve levels of health and emotional balance


Become less dependent on others when determining self-worth

A Note to Employers
Bring our program to your staff and you'll find afterwards:
  • Your employees will have a brighter outlook and be more productive
  • Departments and teams will work better together with less conflict
  • Employee burnout will decrease
  • Managers will become more proactive
  • Sick leave will decrease
  • You'll spend less time listening to employee complaints

We can customize How to Cope with Life's Stressors or any of our other programs to suit your needs.  Pressed for time?  We will also tailor any of our programs to fit your time and scheduling needs.

Does this sound like it will help you?  Then call us at 310-820-4336 or visit us on the web at


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