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Here are some unedited comments from our seminar participants:

This was the best speaker I have heard.  This was very applicable to my situation.  He really knows his subject.  If I can take away one thing from a seminar, I believe it's worth it.  I took away a dozen concepts from this seminar that I will be able to put into practice tomorrow.  Awesome use of 6 hours. 
C. C. Sarasota, FL

Bob Martin explained everything in "laymen's" terms so that even though I was not a computer "Guru" I still understood everything!"
D. C. Canton, IL

Bob is a very interesting and enjoyable speaker - an asset to the seminar.
D. N. Dickinson, TX

Bob is a very dynamic speaker with excellent presentation skills.
C. V. Galveston, TX

Bob, You did a fine job:  Relevant, fast-paced, interesting & humorous.  Your knowledge of material was impressive but not over my head. 
R. K. Carlinville, IL

Bob presents himself and the techniques very well.  He made everything very clear & kept the day light and entertaining. 
S. S. Van Nuys, CA

Seminar leader was really good - his examples.  He delivered examples clearly, hilarious, it's funny.  It's easy to understand. 
C. L. Glendale, CA

Bob was so knowledgeable, personable, motivated, and "into" his presentation, it would have been difficult not to get something out of his presentation.  He did a fantastic job!
S. F. Alliance, NE

By Bob knowing the programs he shared info he learned on his own that are not included in books or reference materials.  Great presenter! 
T. E. Rapid City, SD

Mr. Martin really knows his material and was very good at presenting this information in a way we can all understand. 
S. H. Pierre, SD

Bob Martin was a great moderator.  He was enjoyable and kept me awake throughout the entire day.  It was true to life on group discussion.  Will be back for other seminars.
C. J. Carol Stream, IL

It was a good refresher course with some new concepts.  This course sharpens your interpersonal skills. 
W. F. Joliet, IL

This seminar went way beyond my expectations.  I found Bob Martin to provide very important tips for conflicts on job and at home.  I will start using these techniques and I will teach them to others.  Everyone in today's society can use the information given in his or her every day life.  I work with the mentally ill population and I find this to also help me with my job duties as well. 
T. D. Lockport, IL

Everything was very good.  Bob Martin - you are a great presenter - well done and patient. 
V. R. Ventura, CA

I found the presenter, Bob Martin, to be fun and effective.  He fielded questions, even silly ones, with tact and grace.   Learned some great stuff! 
K. R. Santa Barbara, CA

Today has motivated me to learn more, to experiment, to go on an adventure and discover . . .  I thought Bob was terrific. 
T. K. Los Angeles, CA

Bob was terrific!  Great speaker - energetic, funny and engaging.  Just 2 things I learned made it worth the cost in the time I will save (wish I'd known 2 years ago!). 
J. S. Los Angeles, CA

I was very pleased with this seminar.  I thought it would be boring and not easy to understand, but Bob made it fun and easy to learn.  Bob made the class fun and interesting.  He was funny, informative and very helpful to all during class, on breaks and at lunch. 
N. M. Culver City, CA 

Bob was excellent.  He has an incredible command of the subject matter and integrates it extremely well.   I appreciated his focus, pragmatism (ever-so-slight), and overall style.  He gave us the practical side of the material which was extremely absolute in the text - again, this good.  He "made" the class. 
B. S. Ogden, UT

This seminar reminded me of every good tool I learned in Speech 120 (Interpersonal Communication).  In fact, I should have just taken this seminar.  It would have saved me 4 1/2 months. 
M. D. Hayward, CA

Bob did an outstanding job of helping me to feel more comfortable in my new role as a supervisor.  His engaging attitude and knowledgeable advices is much appreciated.  I am confident as I leave today, that I am on my way to becoming a more competent, caring and informed supervisor. 
L. S. Gig Harbor, WA

In what specific ways did today's seminar meet (not meet) your expectations?   Had no solid expectations (am ill -- just wanted to get through the day) but WOW!  Informative -- very helpful!  Promoted good insight.  Perhaps I can help my boss to more effectively manage me! 
R. G. Merced, CA

I left feeling anxious to get back to work and put my "new knowledge" to work.  Very good tips -- best useful time I spent at a seminar.  Bob was interesting to listen to -- 6 hours felt like 6 minutes! 
L. H. Dickinson, ND

Useful everyday situations that can relate to nearly any office and home.   Kept me interested.  I participated personally more than any other seminar/workshop.  My group voted me spokesperson.  Wow, did I feel appreciated.  I loved this seminar!
M. N. Anchorage, AK

Opened my eyes to differences in people and how better to communicate with those differences.
V. A. Anchorage, AK

It helped me to see my behavior through the eyes of others.  I can truly see my bad points (and there are many).  I also see my good points!  I also know that there are people out there just like me.  Heaven help us all J
M. G. Anchorage, AK

Presenter was knowledgeable, humorous, fast-paced and on target.  No down time.  I enjoyed learning about myself and what I need to consider to become more effective.   I should have attended this seminar earlier in my career.  I might now be farther up the food chain.
F. D. Juneau, AK

It met my expectations by giving me “hope” and other avenues to accomplish my goals in the workplace.  I had almost given up but this reminded me there can always be a “way.”
J. B. Rapid City, SD

Invite this one back for expanded workplace skills!
J.M. Irvine, CA

I thought Bob was great.  I myself am a presenter (Training Delivery Specialist) and have been through many time management seminars.  Bob was very practical and efficient.
G.O. Irvine, CA

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