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"The Magic of Self Direction"
David J. Schwartz, Ph.D.

How you can share in the larger things in life:

  1. 80% percent of everything good is owned by 20%, or less, of the people
  2. The one person in five who has four marbles in five has no better advantages in terms of intelligence, education, luck or opportunity.  They lead the pack because they control their psychic power
  3. The multitude of mediocre people commit seven deadly psychic sins
    1. They let other people run their lives
    2. They blame luck for their bad breaks
    3. They underestimate their potential
    4. They surrender to fear instead of conquering it
    5. They fail to set clear goals
    6. They fail to learn how to persuade other people
    7. They think defeat instead of victory
  4. Life is tightly rationed (approx. 25,000 days if you live until 70).  Start living now!

How to Break the Bonds of Psychological Slavery

  1. Conquer "other people" slavery.  Remember, "other people" are followers, not leaders.  You're nobody until you are criticized for what you do
  2. Respect your ability, your intelligence, your opinions.  Develop a favorable self-image
  3. Stop thinking you're too old.  Age is mainly a state of mind
  4. Learn to like living dangerously.  Enjoy the fact you don't know for sure what will happen tomorrow
  5. Regard your losses as part of your education.  Winning is a state of mind
  6. Change your environment if you don't like it
  7. Bury these psychological skeletons
    1. Don't hide skeletons
    2. Skeletons are as common as grains of sand
    3. Deposit only good thoughts in your memory
    4. You can't go wrong doing what is right

Use Psychic Power to Gain Help From Others

Stop Worrying and Start Living Again

  1. Keep busy.  At the first sign of worry, get busy doing something
  2. Fight perfectionism.  Stop looking for the one best way
  3. Take action.  Do something about the thing that worries you
  4. Look ahead.  Don't try to improve hindsight, sharpen foresight instead.
  5. Love the unexpected.  Be glad life is full of surprises
  6. Sit down and count your blessings

Using Psychic Power to Dominate and Control Others

  1. You win when you refuse to fight petty people
  2. Learn to laugh at criticism
  3. Go out and make your enemy your friend.  Do a favor for them and see what happens
  4. Learn the victory sentence, "I will ignore pettiness in other people"
  5. Be glad you're criticized.  It's the best proof you have that you're growing in influence
  6. Admit when you're wrong.  You'll look big, honest and human to others

How to Gain Courage and Overcome Fears That Are Holding You Back

  1. Block off all avenues to psychological retreat
  2. In tough situations say, "I take full responsibility," for growth
  3. Don't give others a map for retreat; give them a map for success

How to Get Ahead Faster By Thinking Bigger

  1. Be distinctive.  Dress in a way that is best for you
  2. Most competition is "copy-tition."  Real competition is to work against your own potential.  "Copy-itis" will destroy you
  3. Go where the money is.  There is 5 times as much competition for the little money as there is for the big.  Think big
  4. Learn to be comfortable with people in the income bracket you want to join.

How to Use Psychic Conditioning To Get Everything You Want Out of Life

  1. Thinking does make it so!
  2. Think, "I choose to feel good," and you do
  3. Think, "I choose to be happy," and you are
  4. Think, "I choose to think rich," and you are
  5. Think, "I choose to think things will get better," and they do
  6. Think, "It's a good world," and it is

How to Triple Your Mental Prowess and Let Your Brain Make You Rich

  1. You don't have to be 500% better to earn 500% more.   The difference is usually very small between top producers and the mediocre
  2. Use your mind.  Put yourself through vigorous mental exercises every day
  3. Get the big view.  See the big picture
  4. Think like a crew member, not a passenger
  5. Listen to the people you want to influence.  Speak with and understand people in every socio-economic level
  6. Develop your own wisdom builder.  Keep notes on lessons you've learned

How to Increase Your Psychic Benefits Every Year of Your Life

  1. Eliminate "I should have...."
  2. Psychologically break the bonds of slavery
  3. Eliminate goal "alibitis"
    1. "I have to stay in this position, I've been trained for it."
    2. "I can't make it on my own."
    3. "I'm too old to start over."
    4. "I'm in the job others want to be in."
    5. "I'd be a fool to give up the job I have now."  A bird in the hand is not worth two in the bush
  4. Draw up a will for living
  5. Money, lots of it, can be made in all occupations
  6. Put service first and money takes care of itself
  7. Understudy successful people.  Choose a top-notch tutor

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