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"How to Get a Better Job"


  1. Don't be a time thief
  2. 20% of job seekers lie on their resumes. Don't like on yours
  3. Be honest, but focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses
  4. Not getting a job is better than getting one deceitfully
  5. Don't divulge your present employer's trade secrets to a prospective new employer.  it doesn't impress anyone.


  1. Be loyal to yourself.  Looking for a new and better job doesn't indicate a lack of loyalty to your employer
  2. Don't bad-mouth anyone
  3. Be nice to all.  Be known as a loyal and ethical person
  4. Respect your employer's time and money


  1. Good etiquette means caring about the other people
  2. Order simple food during an interview
  3. Send a thank-you note right after the interview.  include something positive that you forgot to bring up during the interview

Dream Jobs

  1. Big success results from a series of smaller successes over time
  2. don't discount lateral moves in a quest for a better job
  3. You may be working in a dream job now.  Wake up!

Burn Out

  1. Burnout?  Cop-out!
  2. Burnout can be an excuse for lack of performance
  3. Take control of your own life.  People who do that, never think about becoming burned out


  1. Work hard to create "good luck"
  2. Lucky people always work hard
  3. Network, network, network
  4. Keep your own personal personnel file
  5. Prepare your resume with care
  6. Send your resume by messenger or Fed. Ex. if it's a job you really want and you match its spec's.
  7. Follow up.  Send a thank-you note. Stay in touch
  8. Be honest on your resume and in your interview
  9. Choose references carefully and obtain their permission
  10. Be willing to begin your new job part time, and without pay, if necessary

Job Market

  1. Be realistic when evaluating the job market for what you have to offer
  2. The job market always looks great at first; it dries up fast
  3. The minute you know you will be laid off at a future date, consider yourself unemployed
  4. Look for ways to create a new job market for yourself
  5. don't be too narrow in how you view a job market
  6. Be flexible and open to new ideas and possibilities

Finding a Better Job Where You Are

  1. View every day on your present job as though you are being interviewed for a new one
  2. Become visible within your company
  3. Broaden your contacts throughout the company
  4. Become active in your community and professional organizations
  5. Always dress slightly better than your colleagues
  6. Learn more about your company and industry
  7. Learn job skills that are related to yours within your company

Ways to Find a Better Job

  1. Maintain and upgrade your network
  2. Go after jobs even if your background and experience don't match exactly to what's specified
  3. Be active in trade and civic associations, and write articles for your industry's trade publications


  1. A job interview isn't just a pleasant chat.  Be prepared
  2. Rehearse.  Know the selling points you intend to bring up no matter what questions are asked
  3. Anticipate as many questions as possible
  4. Learn from every interview.  Always ask yourself, "What did I do wrong, and what worked well?"
  5. Always assume that when you answer one questions, there will be a follow-up question; usually in search of specifics
  6. Carefully review your resume before going into an interview
  7. Don't confuse confidence with arrogance
  8. Be enthusiastic.  Be the candidate who is perceived as wanting the job the most
  9. Research the company and the background of your interviewer if possible
  10. Be nice to everyone


  1. Answer ads a second time
  2. Make sure the job offer is firm
  3. A sense of humor is always important
  4. Be serious in your job search

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