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Dealing with "Bunglers"
by Bob Martin

Do you know a staff person who bungles assignments or makes mistakes that could have been avoided if only they had asked for help?  Today's article will share ways in which you can help by strengthening their self-image and provide an environment in which they may feel "safe" to ask for the help they need.

3 Steps to a Safer Environment

Be clear about what you expect from them.
Expect them to grow in their abilities but show patience when they require help.  Help them to feel that they actually make you feel good when they seek your help.

Make your verbal instructions clear.
Determine timeline with them for each step of a project and suggest resources they can turn to for help.  Showing you expect that they may need help clears the path of their resistance when they do need that help.

Help them to accept responsibility.
Encourage them to seek help immediately when they need it.  Instead of solving the problem for them, ask for possible solutions.

In the end . . .
Provide a safe environment for this type of "bungling" worker and you'll be rewarded with their loyalty.

12021 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 123
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820-4336