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Fix It, Now!
by Bob Martin
What have you been tolerating?

We all have things in our lives that are broken and that, although they cause a terrible inconvenience, we have learned to live with until the point where they seem barely noticeable. Although these nuisances seem tolerable, we often allow them to multiply until we feel sufficiently moved to fix them. What we often lose sight of is that we really don't have to live with them in the first place.

Now that we've entered a new year, many of us have goals and resolutions for the things we'd like to accomplish over the coming year. New resolutions and goals are enticing because they are just that, new and different. By making them, we absolve ourselves from not taking care of old things in life that don't work. Perhaps a more healthful approach would be to take care of the areas of "broken-ness" in life before tackling new resolutions.

We all have areas in our lives that are broken. Ask yourself, what are you tolerating in your life? What are you putting up with? Maybe you have broken objects in your life that need fixing. Objects like appliances, cars, furniture, maybe even your clothes that need mending. Perhaps you have relationships that need to be repaired. Work relationships that aren't healthy or personal relationships that weigh on you rather than provide support. What are you tolerating in your finances? Are you making do with an income that is less than you feel you're worth? How are your savings (you know what those are, right?)? How about your living arrangements? Are you happy with your shopping, laundry and house cleaning routines? Do they work for you or are you battling to get those chores done?

In all of the above areas, are you thriving or merely surviving? I really don't believe we were intended to merely survive through life. To be born, eat, sleep and die. We were meant for better things, you and I. The quality of life is measured, in part, by what we tolerate. Are you living in an ugly apartment because you've become used to it? Do you drive a car that doesn't work or is ugly because you've become used to it? Perhaps your furniture or clothing has become worn and it's time to be fixed or replaced.

Resolve to tolerate less broken-ness in your life. Fix it now! Saying, "Just do it" is a great slogan but if you need more than that to get yourself going try focusing on all the inconvenience that the broken things in your life are causing you. You've heard of the "carrot and the stick" and their roles in motivation, right? Well, give yourself a big stick! Convince yourself that those inconveniences are catastrophic. Make them larger than life. Feel pain from the loss of energy that they cause. Now concentrate on how great you will feel after you've taken care of them. The freedom you'll have to move on to conquer new tasks! Fixing one broken thing in your life will give you momentum to tackle another.

If the above doesn't move you to act, I have one more trick that may help. Physical movement is a great aid in accomplishing most tasks. It works like this: As soon as you finish reading this, stand up and immediately move to take care of the one broken thing in your life that bothers you most. Do it right now!

Demand more from life. If something is bothering you, fix it! As for me, I believe there is a leak in my convertible that needs my attention . . . .

12021 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 123
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820-4336